Bump Chart

Track performance over time

A Bump Chart is a special form of a line plot. This kind of plot is designed for exploring changes in rank over time. The focus here is usually on comparing the position or performance of multiple observations with respect to each other rather than the actual values itself. [Read More]
Tags: R, time-series, ranking

Global Terrorism

A threat to humanity

Since the rise and fall of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), almost no day passes without another terrorist attack in some part of the world. Though, in western media only a small number of attacks are mentioned. Reports are limited to attacks where countrymen have lost... [Read More]
Tags: R, RShiny

Calendar Heatmap

Visualise time series data in calendar style

Nowadays you can find calendar heatmaps on every GitHub profile. The first time I saw a one, it was the winning entry for the JSM Data Expo in 2009. What amazed me most was that it was created in SAS which is not especially well-known for nice visualisations. Only a... [Read More]
Tags: R, time-series, calendar, heatmap